Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Score the Same Kale Sweatshirt as Beyoncé

We already dubbed Beyoncé the pop master of surprise after she released her completely unannounced “Visual Album” almost a year ago. And now, perhaps Queen B wants to prove she’s above social media teasers, or she really does have the quickest production team ever, because she’s at it again. The new music videofor 7/11 just kinda appeared and leaked all over the Internet on Friday at what could only be called Beyoncé speed. It has an upbeat vibe that feels a bit thrown together, but in that fabulous just woke up already flawless kinda way.

You may have already spent your weekend learning the 7/11 dance, but what really gets me about the video is Bey’s totally relatable fashion sense. Dancing around in an oversized sweatshirt, Beyoncé looks like she could be just one of us. And even better, it’s one of those sweatshirts that say “Kale” in Yale University’s signature type format. Like weren’t those cool over the summer, before being forgotten somewhere among the Internet or something?

Either way, thanks to Beyoncé, food puns are officially back. You can score the same sweatshirt she actually wore from Sub Urban Riot ($48). No promises that it’ll improve your dance moves, but if one thing’s for sure—it’s the perfect cozy sweatshirt for dancing around your house when you should be putting your kid to sleep (hi Blue Ivy cameo!). Now, I'd say that’s definitely worth dipping into your Black Friday fund early for.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cheeky Fashion Tees For All Your Satorial Needs

There was a time when I definitely declared, "I am not a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl." While my principles were there--I've never been one for basic dressing--I can't believe what I was missing out on! Since I work in a creative office, tees with fun graphics and slogans have been my go to lately. They're perfect with jeans on a casual Friday (or post studio day), sure. but when paired with typical office wear like midi skirts or high-waisted trousers, the effect is elevated cool, anything but basic.

Looking for the perfect statement slogan? Shop my picks below:

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mani Moment: Get the Perfect Exposed Nail Half Moon in Minutes

I have a confession, when exposed nail nail art first started appearing on the runway, I wasn't sold immediately. "Why should I let anyone see my natural nail," I thought. After all, I can't remember a time since middle school when my nails were unpolished. One time I had to remove my polish for a sorority ritual, and I just felt so naked.

So what changed my mind when it came to exposing part of my nail? I always favor bright polishes over darker ones, so for fall, I wanted to challenge myself to take on hues I've typically stayed away from. I've done the half moon mani thing before, and it has always turned out okay. But using a darker shade, it became all about structure and lines. This manicure transformed the shape of my nails, giving them a sleek, sophisticated but still trendy vibe.

Get the look:

1. Remember those binder reinforcement stickers you used to use back in high school? They're the secret to making the half moon mani simple! Place your stickers so that the top half is covering the bottom of your nails. (The hole of the sticker should be on your skin)

2. Paint a dark color over the rest of your nail. Make sure not to get under the sticker at all. I used NARS polish in Fury, part of their Fall 2013 collection.

3. Let the polish dry and carefully remove the stickers from your nail.

4. If you're anything like me (an impatient nail painter), your half moons might not be perfect. For an easy fix, use a dotting tool or stripping brush to clean up your edges.

Now, brb while I recreate this nail look in different colors each week....

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why As Told By Emma is BaubleBar's Best Guest Bartender Yet

Why As Told By Emma is BaubleBar's Best Guest Bartender Yet

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Every time BaubleBar introduces a new Guest Bartender, I anticipate shopping an amazing jewelry selection curated by a big blogger or celebrity. But until now, I haven't actually bought anything from these selections. Usually, my anticipation goes to waste. So when BaubleBar kept their newest Guest Bartender a surprise until the collection's reveal, I didn't expect to fall in love with so many of its pieces. But when I saw As Told By Emma, I knew immediately that it was time to break out the vault points I was saving and shop!

Emma Robert's BaubleBar collection mixes trendy statement pieces with more classic jewels, so there's something for everyone. As Told By Emma is broken up into different chapters inspired by Emma's childhood to modern muses. She selected some typical pieces such as statement bibs and drop earrings. But she also went for the unexpected with two finger rings, ear jackets, and tassel earrings.

I already added the Third Eye Ear Jackets to my earring collection and am waiting for my Coffee First bracelet to ship. My bracelet is going to turn into a "wear with everything piece" while my earrings will edge up any outfit. Shop the rest of my picks above and let me know which pieces you're loving! Hint: use code Racked at checkout for 20% off your purchase.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Speckled Mani + Tops Coats That Look Like Major Nail Art


Looking for a quick, but fun manicure this past week, I painted my nails mint with black and white polka dots on top. Mint is such a summery color that I wanted to cover it up a bit for more of an end-of-summer vibe. As for how to get polka dots like mine, it's actually way easier than it looks--that's not nail art, it's a topcoat! I used Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots Collection in Clearly Spotted.

When I first finished this design, I wasn't expecting much of a reaction to it. The green was bright, perhaps too bright, for this time of the year when the weather is getting colder not warmer. But all week, I've been getting compliments at work. A makeup artist at a fashion photo shoot I worked on even asked me for tips on recreating the design!

To get this look, paint your nails your favorite color. Then, grab a final effects topcoat and you'll have notable looking nail art in seconds. Make sure your polish and top coat are different enough that there's some major contrast for a bolder design. The only downside is that the polka dots are hard to get off your nail, like glitter polish.

Shop my favorite top coats that look like major nail art below:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Get Your Own Made With Code Bracelet!


I love edgy, spiked jewelry. So when I saw these #MadeWithCode bracelets, I was instantly sold. They're stylish, comfortable, and even...educational?

Google launched Made With Code to inspire girls to get into the tech industry and close the gender gap. The idea behind these bracelets is that you design them on your own, using code. The code then gets sent to a 3D printer and is designed specially for you! Oh and did I mention they're completely free, shipping and all. You can code them to say whatever you want; I chose my name and "Dream Big."

Now, style wasn't the only reason I was drawn to these bracelets. Last year, my sorority partnered with a similar organization, "Girls who Code," to encourage women to get interested in technology as well. I work in media, and what a lot of people don't know is that code is a vital skill to have in this industry! Currently, I'm working on the print side of a magazine, but when I was in web, I used HTML to format how I wanted my articles to appear online. If it wasn't for code, websites couldn't exisit!

As I mentioned above, I was definitely surprised when my bracelet came at just how wearable it is. I have one other 3D printed bracelet, and it's bulky and kind of itchy. These Made With Code bracelets slide on easily since they have openings at the bottom, and feel like any other bangle. Since I already have a collection of spikey bracelets, they blend into my arm party perfectly!

What will your Made With Code bracelet say? Design it here for free!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Walk out of Summer with these Perfect Sandals - All Under $100

With summer coming to an end, it's getting harder to get away with wearing sandals everywhere. Maybe your summer slides are worn out, or you're ready to (gasp) move on from birks. And don't even get me started on flip flops. Either way, these Sixtyseven oxford inspired shoes are the perfect sandal-flat hybrid for the end of summer. Wear them now with sundresses and shorts, and through fall with jeans. I work in a creative office, but am always looking for a way to make my outfits more presentable. Unlike my everyday slides, these shoes are polished looking, but totally breathable for sweaty NYC commutes!

Shop my Sixtyseven flats and other end of summer sandal picks below:

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